The Tongue’s Texture And Color Can Indicate Potential Health Problems

There is growing evidence supporting the claim that looking at a person’s tongue can tell a lot about the current state of their health. Changes in the texture and color of the tongue can give observant people an indication they may be suffering from a condition that will need to be addressed quickly. Conditions that can be indicated by changes in the tongue include diabetes, yeast infections, gum disease, and tooth decay problems.

A black tongue that is hairy can be caused by an excess of bacteria. Not practicing good oral hygiene, going through a course of antibiotics, or a recent fungal infection can cause this condition. Bad breath or experiencing a metallic taste are additional symptoms. Using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste two or three times on a daily basis can help resolve it.

Looking at the other end of the color spectrum, a white tongue that looks lumpy can be an indication of a yeast infection. The tongue will have a coating on it with a cottage-cheese like consistency. This can be caused by an oral yeast infection, thrush, or a candida growth. Eating too much sugar, being under a lot of stress, taking antibiotics, or using certain contraceptives can cause this condition.

Having a bright red tongue can be extremely alarming. It may look like they’ve eaten a large amount of strawberries or red-colored candy at one time. Having a tongue this color can indicate a vitamin deficiency. Being deficient in iron or vitamin B12 can cause the papillae on the tongue to not be able to mature. This can cause the tongue to have a smooth texture that appears glossy. Getting a blood test to find out about any vitamin deficiencies can be a good plan for someone who notices their tongue is very red or looks smooth and glossy.

If a person pays attention to the way their tongue looks and feels, they will be able to notice changes. By knowing that changes often indicate a problem in their body, they can make the decision to go to their physician for a checkup or to have tests run. It’s best that a person is able to find out something’s wrong with them sooner rather than later. This can help ensure they get the treatment needed to improve their health. People can find more information about this topic online.